Who We Are

Feel at home with God’s presence
and with each other.

There are two primary aspects to our New Life community.

1. Family. The Bible gives a variety of pictures that contain important truths about the character and ethos of churches.  The community of God’s people is variously described as an army, a temple and a bride.  At New Life, the ethos we seek to adopt is that of a loving family – a place where people can feel safe, secure, loved and valued, and a place where each one can contribute their distinct gifts.

2. Presence. More than anything else, we are regularly called back to the encounter Moses had with the Lord.  Moses’ one desire was that God’s presence would go with them.  Why?  “For your presence among us sets your people and me apart from all other people on the earth.” (Exodus 33:16). It is God’s presence among us that makes the difference; it is His presence that transforms us as we encounter His grace and truth.

As a church, we are committed to ministry among children and young people; we believe they, too, are able to embrace God’s presence, and we pray their encounters with Jesus will enable them to navigate the various pitfalls towards adulthood.

Mission is an important aspect of the ministry of New Life.  We support a number of local and international mission partners, and we have a special interest in what God is doing in Israel and among the Jewish people as He works out their prophetic destiny.

As a local church, we run the South Woking Community Foodbank and offer various practical courses such as budgeting and healthy cooking on a limited income.  Alongside this, we also offer courses and groups such as Alpha, Kintsugi Hope and Freedom in Christ.

As part of our service to the wider community, we do offer rooms for hire for community groups, children’s parties, etc.  Please see our booking form (Link to booking form) or phone the church office for more information.