We are a smallish church but carry a big heart – a heart for Jesus and a heart for people.  Our desire is that people coming to the church might go out changed by an encounter with God.  That could be through a genuine and direct sense of God’s transforming presence or by the acceptance, love and grace radiating from the people you meet.

In terms of worship style, we are pretty much contemporary with modern songs and a band of keyboards, guitars and drums.  Each Sunday the children and young people leave the service after a few minutes to attend their own provision.  However, the first Sunday of the month is a little different.  On these Sundays everyone stays in to participate in our “Café-style” service.  Drinks and pastries are available as we gather around small tables for a more interactive service.

We don’t particularly like labels, but (for those who do) we could be classed as “evangelical charismatic”.  In English, “evangelical” means we hold to the Bible as a God-given Manual for life.  Just like when we buy a new car or washing machine, we’re encouraged to follow the maker’s instructions, so God has given us a way to live to get the best out of life!  As far as “Charismatic” goes, it means we believe that the gifts of God’s Holy Spirit are available for today, and we encourage expression of those gifts – tongues, prophesy, healing, etc.

We don’t do “formal” very well, and we’re not into stuffy religion or perfect people.  But if you’re looking for a sense of “family” with a group of people who are accepting and authentic – who aim to live out their relationship with Jesus amid the challenges that life brings – then come and see!