Ioan Glitia

Ministry: Church Planting

Service: Long term

John and his wife Cornelia Glitia planted the baptist church they lead in Ceica City, Romania in 2006. Their vision was and is to grow, strengthen, multiple, and extend God’s kingdom in Ceica by serving others.  

They sensed God calling them to build a church building on a plot of family land in Ceica to be a base for serving their community and the villages around them, particularly the homeless, poor, and lonely around them. 

They continue to do this, but as their church is only 21 active members, they find doing all of the work challenging.  Pray for God’s help and provision for the work in this area and that the Holy Spirit would give the church a fresh touch.  That the sick would be healed, and for their work to be a light in their community, that othrs would come to know Jesus.