Supporting believers in Israel is a key part of the DNA of New Life Church Woking (NLC). Practically this means NLC has several Mission partners in Israel whose collective aim is to foster support for the Body of Christ in all communities in the Land of Israel.

The following is a brief introduction to NLC’s Mission Israel partners at home and abroad.

NLC has joined with millions of Christians world-wide to build a Wall of Prayer around every city, town, village and community in Israel. Today the Wall of Prayer covers every known community in the Land of Israel. The NLC’s part in the Wall of Prayer is focused on the northern Israeli city of Acco (or Ptolemais in Acts 21 verses 7&8).

In Acco NLC supports three evangelical pastors and their congregations through prayer, friendship, two-way exchanges and funding. All three pastors and their fellowships embrace a vision for the salvation of the city and its inhabitants. Each community has its own range of outreach activities, as diverse as a Pro-Life centre, after-school programmes for Christian children, outreach ministries to drug addicts and alcoholics, zoom-based biblical teaching into Russian speaking communities world-wide, as well as a major focus in all three communities on welfare support for refugees from Russia and Ukraine, and other countries.

NLC also supports a country-wide outreach ministry based in Jerusalem called ‘Christian Friends of Israel’ (CFI). CFI has over ten outreach programmes covering a wide spectrum of people groups in Israel, including new immigrants, people in need of food and clothing, Holocaust survivors, armed services personnel and those facing hardship and loneliness. The Wall of Prayer, one of CFI’s early initiatives, remains a central aspect of its work.

Prayer For Israel (PFI) is a UK-based ministry that mobilises Christian support for Israel by fostering prayer events for Israel, producing and distributing information about fellowships in Israel, and by offering biblical teaching events for churches. Its outreach also provides humanitarian aid for believers in Israel suffering hardship and distress. NLC is a supporter of PFI’s work through active participation in its activities and through funding.

Lastly Focus on Israel is an outreach ministry of NLC itself which actively supports the Acco fellowships, their leaders and families, the work of CFI Jerusalem, and PFI in UK. It does this in many ways: through regular intercession every second Tuesday evening of the month, by regular two-way communication with NLC’s Mission partners, through funding and through exchanges and visits.

If you would like to partner with this ministry of NLC, please contact NLC Church Office for details of how to get involved.