Heather Thompson

Ministry: To empower and equip Children and Children’s Leaders.

Heather Thompson is the founder and director of Powerpack Ministries – the vision of which, is to see children raised up as ‘God Chasers and Nation Shakers’. She acts as a consultant for the children’s ministry here at NLC, as well as for a number of other churches in this country and overseas. For many, years she had led children’s groups at large national events such as Spring Harvest and Awakening Europe, involving hundreds of children between the ages of 5 and 11.  She also speaks at conferences, trains leaders,  and together with other members of the team, produces resources for both children and their leaders. The main countries  of operation apart from the UK, are Argentina, USA, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Thailand and Myanmar.

Check out the Powerpack Ministries website  for more info about Heather and her ministry www.powerpackministries.co.uk